Tips for Better Grocery Shopping This Festive Season


Inviting guests to your home for an ‘open house’ during the festive season can be an exhausting, yet fulfilling experience. In Thailand, a country made up of multiple racial and religious compositions, specific requirements have to be taken into consideration, especially with the serving of food to your guests. For that reason, tasking a caterer with the responsibility of providing the food for your ‘open house’ should be considered. Should you, however, decide to cook the meals on your own, then grocery shopping should be at the top of your to-do list. Here are 5 tips that you can incorporate for a seamless shopping excursion this festive season. Check it!


Building a Game Plan

Unlike grocery shopping on normal days, getting the groceries during the festive season can prove to be a more arduous task. With that in mind, the first step that you have to take before even leaving home would be to list down all the ingredients you require by strategically breaking them down for each meal you intend to prepare. Do also be on the lookout for any discounts and promotions offered by a store, as this will help you to save money. Alternatively, look towards the option of purchasing the ingredients in bulk, with stores such as OC Organic Shop and Cube No. 7 providing you with cheaper, package-free options.


Weathering The Storm

Rainy weather can affect one’s schedule significantly, particularly if this includes shopping for groceries. But it does not necessarily have to be the case for you. Instead of waiting for the rain to stop like the common man, use this situation as an opportunity to stock up on as many items as you can. What’s better, cooking ingredients aren’t exclusively sold during the festive season only, and therefore purchasing extra quantities of what you require should be considered in order to avoid eleventh hour runs to the store. You can also consider the option of grocery shopping during non-peak hours, as this will enable you to shop without the hassle of looking for your items amongst a crowd of other shoppers. Yikes!


Grocery on Wheels, Delivered Fresh to Your Doorstep

If the thought of heading to a store and getting your grocery shopping done physically makes you sulk, then skip the process completely and shop online instead. Stores such as Delishop, Tesco Lotus and Tops offer doorstep delivery services, which allows you to save both time and money. Be sure to also keep tabs or any deals or offerings that you can take advantage of, especially when the festive season beckons. For example, a store may offer discounts and promotions for specific online purchases if their intention is to gain traction for their online platforms. Sign us up already!


Eat Right For The Task That Lies Ahead

Before heading to the store, ensure that your mind and body is well-prepared for the task ahead by consuming a balanced and satiating meal. Not only will eating before you shop for groceries allow you to focus completely on the task, it will also help you avoid hunger pangs which will take a toll on your time and money. An alternate option that you should consider would be to bring along simple and healthy snacks such as sandwiches, nuts and fruits that can help you stay full throughout the duration of your shopping excursion.


Forego Driving and Hitch a Ride Instead

To avoid having to manage the stress caused by traffic jams and looking for a parking spot, consider the option of booking a ride through an e-hailing app. This will not allow you to concentrate fully on the task you’ve set out to complete, but also give you enough time to determine if there are other items that you require to make the ‘open house’ a memorable experience for your guests. Alternatively, you can look at the option of car-pooling with friends or family members, as this will help you save time and make your grocery shopping experience organised and enjoyable.


Add a Little Fun into The Mix

Proper time management and strategic execution of your shopping plan will provide you with additional time to have a little bit of fun. If your shopping excursion involves family members or friends, maximise the free time available by getting involved in the store’s festivities, such as capturing moments at the photo booth, enjoying live performances or allowing your kids to take part in activities such as sand art, playing in inflatables or watching a magic show. This will not only make the shopping experience a fun affair, but also enable you to boost your mental health through the strengthening of bonds with family members or friends.

Irrespective of whether your ‘open house’ involves a small or large gathering of people, aim to eliminate stress out of the equation by planning each step of the process strategically. And though issues may arise as you check boxes off the process, take comfort in knowing that this is completely normal. The most important thing is to remain calm throughout, as this will allow you to problem-solve or discover other methods of execution better. Last but not least, don’t forget to have fun. It is, after all, a time for joyful celebration!