Terms & Conditions

  1. Guest will join a challenge of 3 sets of 3 exercises (total 9 sets). The guest will receive a voucher when applying for LS12/24 membership. This voucher can be redeemed for THB500 when purchasing Fast Track 3 or THB1,000 for Fast Track 5.
  2. Referring member (if any) will receive THB500 voucher if their guest joins as a member, or receive THB100 voucher if their guest doesn’t join. This voucher can be redeemed for monthly due discount.
  3. A member can refer up to 5 guests throughout this campaign.
  4. Each voucher is valid for 3 months after issued date.


I have notified and obtained consent from this friend to provide his/her information for purpose of this registration.
I consent that Evolution Wellness (Thailand) Company Limited can collect my personal information to use for this activity.
I acknowledge and allow Evolution Wellness (Thailand) to contact me about the offers and promotions.