All eyes on you: men can have killer looks while working out too


Just because you’re out there sweating doesn’t mean you can’t look good as well. You want to dress well so that all the attention is on you. It’ll also make you feel good and give you that boost you need to kill your workout routine. Activewear for men these days is not only about the technology, but it’s about style as well. Whether you opt for the classic big brands, go for the niche options or even support a local brand, there’s something out for you. Here are just a few for your consideration.


Iconic is classic

If you’re one for the tried and tested, then you’ll want to stick to one of the big brands. When it comes to sportswear, you really can’t go wrong with Adidas. Its Essentials collection is simple – T-shirt, shorts and joggers. The classic stays classy though with the subtle iconic three stripes. You’ll look good and draw attention to yourself, but not in an OTT way. No space for drama – everyone working out around you will know that you’re one heck of a classy guy.  


Time for a duel

When it comes to big brands, Under Armour is living up to its name and coming for the big guns, especially in this part of the world. When we think of UA, images of black, tight-fitting compression wear comes to mind. Its RUSH collection however has a bit of everything. You can get short or long-sleeved tees, tanks and hoodies or fitted pants, leggings or tights. Some of them also come in assorted colours and different prints. Put these elements in together with its groundbreaking technology which helps your muscles work harder, you know you’ll be standing out in every way.  


Enter the challenger

They snuck up on us, but Uniqlo’s entry into sports and fitness has brought the trendiness in activewear to a whole new level. Following their classic light, comfortable and unrestrictive motto, the brand aims to tear down the walls between sportswear and casual wear. This means that its activewear collection will suit you just well in the gym and on the streets. Its DRY-EX technology means that if you like to move-it, move-it – and look good while at it – then Uniqlo’s activewear is the brand for you.


Master of the universe

If you’ve never heard of RYU, then you want to head to their online store right now! The selection of activewear the brand produces is style meets comfort meets high-performance. RYU – which stands for Respect Your Universe – has a number of what they call “urban athletic apparel”. Whether you’re going for the tights or shorts, hoodie or track jacket, they’ve got something to show off your best assets while you’re working out. The items are a bit on the pricey side, but hey, no one said it was cheap to look this good.


Pin-Up Star

Thailand’s VActivewear doesn’t have a massive selection to choose from for men. Where they lack in choices, they make up with style. The pinstripe design they use for their menswear brings the elegance of a gentlemen’s suit into the fitness arena. It’s classy and most of all, its unconventionally masculine. You don’t find these sorts of designs on activewear often, so you know that if nothing else, you’ll be a standout. Also, you know what they say about vertical lines making you look slim, right?