Ways to help you stay motivated and avoid distractions while working out at home during the lockdown in order to achieve your personal fitness goals.


Although the number of cases in Thailand have dwindled significantly over the last few weeks, the Thai government has decided to extend its current state of emergency ruling while easing regulations for essential businesses to reopen. However, this means that gyms and fitness centres have to remain closed, which comes as a disappointment to fitness enthusiasts all over the country. Void of access to the gym, the only choice for those who want to get a good sweat in would be to work out within the comforts of their own homes. However, distractions which lurk at every nook and corner of those walls are capable of significantly threatening their #stayathome workouts. For that reason, here are a few tips that you can adopt to ensure that you stay on the fitness track with consistent workouts to help you achieve your personal #fitnessgoals. Quit wasting time and get to warming up, folks, cuz’ it’s about to get hot and sweaty in here!


Choose a Workout Space Which Feels Most Zen to You

Identifying a certain area of your home that can be used to perform your workouts safely is a key step in keeping you on the right track towards reaching the fitness milestones you’ve set out to hit. These include small modifications that you would need to make to the setting of a certain living space, given the fact that home-based workouts are mainly focused on bodyweight exercises. Let’s take a closer look at what this entails, shall we?


For instance, having customised music playlists on ‘shuffle mode’ can help to set the ‘vibe’ for your routine, while designating a sufficient amount of space within a living area can allow for you and a partner to exercise together. For some, the success of performing their workout routines at home could also require the use of a screen, especially if guidance by a personal trainer is required. It may take a while to get into the groove of working out at home, but trust us, your motivation to stay on track will double once you’ve converted a particular space into your own workout area. In other words, small steps will eventually lead to big results. Simple, no?


Dress Up for Your Show Up

It is always important to make a good first impression at key affairs such as a major pitch to a client or sales meeting with your immediate superior. “Suiting up” presentably projects self-confidence which is a fundamental aspect of winning the psychological “battle”. In fact, presenting yourself as a well-dressed individual will not only convey a show of respect towards your client or manager, but also towards the information you’re trying to present to these individuals.


With these same principles in mind, staying in your active wear throughout the day can motivate you to work out instead of allowing you to stay in a relaxed state. This belief is further amplified by a 2012 study from the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, which concluded that wearing your workout attire throughout the day can convince your brain that regular exercise is good for you. Better start getting used to being in your active wear all day, errday, cuz’ it’s going to help you stay on track towards achieving your individual fitness goals.


Planning Ahead for Daily Workouts

The inability to complete a certain task by a stipulated deadline can be pointed towards a lack of organisation, and more specifically, failure to pen it down in a daily organiser. Besides that, the continued enforcement of a lockdown may see you living a life that is more relaxed and sedentary than usual, which is why it comes as no surprise that you may sometimes find it difficult to stay focused in sticking to a workout routine. However, this can be attributed to a lack of motivation and not a lack of organisation, as was the initial presumption. Seems to us like we’ve got ourselves caught in a complex situation now, eh?


Fascinatingly, an effective way to get rid of this lack of motivation would be to “lock down” (see what we did there?) your daily workout at a time of your preference, whilst also taking into account the time required to complete all your other daily tasks. Doing this will not only help you to stay on the right track towards achieving your #fitnessgoals but motivate you to push on and complete your daily workouts. Rome was not built in a day and neither will that hot-new, smokin’ body. So keep on keeping on, people!


A Squad That Works Out Together, Stays Together! #BFF

Life just gets a little more interesting with a friend by your side, especially if this friend also happens to be your fitness partner. And yes, we totally get it if you’re frustrated at not being able to achieve any of the #fitnessgoals you’ve set out to accomplish with your fitness partner during the lockdown, but sulk no more. Thanks to video conferencing platforms, you can now team up with friends in a virtual group workout without having to even leave the comfort of your home. Friends that work out together, stay BFFs forever.


It may be hard to handle the intensity of a workout routine at times, especially if your personal trainer is not physically present to motivate you to complete that “one last rep”. They can, however, still guide you throughout the duration of your workout by monitoring your form and how you move from one exercise to another via a video conference call. Speaking of online coaching, don’t forget to check out our Facebook Live Workouts, which can definitely help you to #KEEPONGLOWING your way to a rockin’ new body at home. Boom!


Pick a Routine Which Feels Good to You

If you’ve felt the inclination to post videos of yourself working out, or pictures of yourself in the newest gym apparel on the ‘gram, or even to “tweet” your fitness goals, we totally get it. As a matter of fact, it would be comforting to know that you’re not the only one who has been tempted to do this during the lockdown! However, it is important to note that choosing to perform a specific workout routine is more dependent upon what you’re comfortable with and not what your followers on social media may or may not like.


Choosing to perform a workout routine that is not attuned to yourself can result in injury, instead of experiencing positive health benefits. One possible reason for this occurrence is because you’re not performing the exercises involved using proper form (which is common if you’re performing an exercise for the first time) or if the routine is of a higher intensity than what your body is accustomed to. In addition, your workout of choice also has to take into consideration the amount of space available as well as the type of fitness equipment required. Failure to allocate the necessary amount of space or incorporate the use of specific gym equipment can mitigate your ability to perform a routine completely and prevent you from reaping the full physical benefits from a workout. In familiar terms, ‘Like’ and ‘Subscribe’ to a routine that is in tune with your passions and your personality.


Choosing to perform a workout that you truly love will help you to be consistent and stay on the fitness track, as opposed to finding an excuse to skip your workout every single time. And if you can stay focused and incorporate these practices as part of your stay-at-home fitness routine, you’ll be on your way to improving your fitness and achieving #goals that seemed impossible to achieve just a while ago. Stay home, and stay safe, everyone!